Md Noor bin Saper


Post modernism in this century has emerged an awareness to integrate religious and spiritual approaches in counseling interventions. Even in the West, this integration approach has gained a place among counseling practitioners and is recognized as an approach in the field of counseling. For example, the Pastoral counseling approach that makes Bible-based teachings as the basis of therapy has been recognized and applied in counseling sessions in the West. Counseling movement in Malaysia meanwhile has also shown the acceptance of the community to the religious-based approach, particularly the counseling of Islamic perspectives. This Islamic perspective counseling has currently entered the growth and development phase establishment of the model and is no longer hovering around the issue of identity search or its originality. Counseling based on religion and spirituality is not only seen as an added value to existing counseling practices, but it is also indigenous that fits well with local values ​​and culture.


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