Nurul Azizah Zain
Fathful Firdha Kurniawan
Catur Ramadhony


Natural disaster usually happen in our country. Disaster make the victim feel traumatic because lost their family and lost their friends. Children are surrounded by potential dangers everyday, but when an event threatens or causes harm to a person’s emotional and physical well-being it becomes a traumatic event. Counselour can decrease the effect of disaster. the counselor can apply knowledge of psychological, sociological and developmental principles in emergency response. Research shows that in addition to parents, families and other caregivers, the school community plays an important role in helping children survive traumatic events. Children spend a large portion of their time in school and often think of it as the place they go to learn about the world. Because the memory of traumatic events can cause intense fear, anxiety and distress, people often want to escape or avoid anything associated with the trauma. Although avoiding reminders of the trauma provides temporary relief, it is one of the main reasons why some people don’t recover. When people rely on avoidance to cope, they don’t have the opportunity to come to terms with what happened to them or to develop skills that will help them feel safe when thinking about traumatic events.


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Zain, N. A., Kurniawan, F. F., & Ramadhony, C. (2018). STEPS TO DO TRAUMA HEALING ON CHILDREN IN NATURAL DISASTER. International Conference on Islamic Guidance and Counseling, 1(1), 180-189. Retrieved from