Azmi Mustaqim


The development of technology brings advancement in every part of human life. As well as, the counselor profession was influenced by the development of technology. The technological advancement has two impacts, positive and negative impact. Positive impact happens when the counselor has the ability to use the technology to develop in his counseling’s service. The negative impact happens when the counselor unable to use the technology or reject it. This study is trying to describe the possible opportunities used by the counselor in technological advancement era, particularly on the internet (counseling online) in counseling services. The writer describes the opportunity and also the threat of technological advancement for counselor profession. In this study, the writer using the library research as a method and browsing the data from books, researches, and articles. Through this study, hopefully, the counselor will be aware to the technological development and be able to use that advancement on his counseling service.


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Mustaqim, A. (2018). DISRUPTION ERA: OPPORTUNITY OR THREAT FOR THE COUNSELOR?. International Conference on Islamic Guidance and Counseling, 1(1), 235-242. Retrieved from http://conference.uin-suka.ac.id/index.php/icigc/article/view/248