Marisah Putri Yani
Napi'ah Napi'ah


Every human being must have a problem in his life, and need someone to help with the problem. As is the case of social issues that often occur, namely divorce cases that have  adverse effects on the social mental emotions of children. Rehabilitation programs for children are needed for the child's mental development process. It takes a psychological approach and Islamic study to see the social phenomenon deeper. This study is a library study (library research) which is a research that is based on literature materials by using a qualitative approach. Not all children with broken home problems have thoughts that suggest negative things or have bad behavior. But some other things mean that the higher the harmony of the family, the lower the delinquency in the child, and the less the harmony of the family, the higher the delinquency. Therefore, communication is needed especially in family matters.


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Yani , M. P., & Napi’ah, N. (2018). KOMUNIKASI PERCERAIAN (BROKEN HOME COMMUNICATION). International Conference on Islamic Guidance and Counseling, 1(1), 259-265. Retrieved from http://conference.uin-suka.ac.id/index.php/icigc/article/view/251