Syariful Syariful
Lalu Nurul Anwar


The development of technology in the direction of all digital is now increasingly rapid. In the digital era like this,  humans generally have a new lifestyle that cannot be separated from all electronic devices.Technology is a tool that can help most human needs. Technology can be used  by  humans  to  make  it  easier  to  do  whatever  tasks  and  jobs. This  important  role  of technology is what brings human civilization into the digital era. The digital age has brought a variety of good changes as a positive impact that can be used as well as possible. But at the same time, the digital era also has many negative impacts, so that it  becomes a new challenge for counselors in human life in this digital era. The challenges of counselors in the digital era have  also  entered  into  various  fields  such  as  politics,  economics,  socio-culture,  defense, security, and information technology itself. The digital age was born with the emergence of digital, internet networks, especially computer information technology. The new media of the digital era has characteristics that can be manipulated, network or internet. The mass media turned  to  new  media  or  the  internet  because  there  was  a  cultural  shift  in  the  delivery  of information.


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