Emilia Nurpitasari
Bayu Selo Aji
Cucu Kurniasih


The purpose of this work is to provide references related to Islamic guidance and counseling. Islamic counseling guidance plays an important role in education in Indonesia because the majority of the population in Indonesia are Muslims, so in this case Islamic counseling becomes a model that is able to provide a trigger for problems that occur especially in the world of education in facing this increasingly advanced age commonly referred to as the millennial generation. In this millennial generation, individuals can be very easily influenced and can cause positive and negative effects especially in the use of social media, gadgets etc., things that are very vulnerable to influence even have a negative impact so that many experience moral decadence. In this case Islamic counseling is expected to be able to provide a solution to this problem through several methods of service provided. So that students have good morals that are in accordance with religious teachings and become good individuals. Islamic counseling in order to be able to develop human nature, with the hope that guided individuals can become better individuals on the basis of Islamic values ​​contained in the Qur'an and hadith so that they can obtain happiness in the world and in the hereafter.


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Nurpitasari, E., Aji, B. S., & Kurniasih, C. (2018). ISLAMIC MODEL TO IMPROVE STUDENT MORALS IN MILENIAL ERA. International Conference on Islamic Guidance and Counseling, 1(1), 282-289. Retrieved from